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Polar Express Merseyrail Christmas 2009

Over the Christmas period we held three events for our members, the first being our Annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 5th at St Anthony of Padua Social Club.

The party as always was very well attended and hopefully everyone managed to get a seat. The buffet was delicious, everyone enjoyed themselves and there was the usual excitement when Father Christmas arrived. It was great to see the children’s faces as they tore open their presents. Father Christmas mentioned to me that he really enjoyed our party and would love to visit us again next year!

A big thank you to Eliza for the buffet and to Sandra and her staff who always make us feel so welcome.

We only just had time to clear up and get ready for the next day, as on Sunday, 6th December many of our families boarded the Polar Express courtesy of Merseyrail.

What a wonderful day we all had. The children were handed their packed lunch as they boarded the train and had an array of beautifully decorated carriages to visit. You could dance and sing in the X-Factor carriage, be a prince or princess in the Disney carriage or be amongst the animals in the Jungle Book carriage. We were entertained by magicians, balloon artistes, face painters and a DJ. The children danced, sang, laughed and even got to have their picture taken with Father Christmas. People looked  on amazed as our train went through the stations.

Thank you Merseyrail it was a truly magical day.

We had a few days rest before holding our bowling night on Friday, 11th December. This event was for teenagers and older people with Down’s syndrome and their families. It was a really good evening, you could hear happy shouts of “strike” and groans when the ball did not quite connect with the skittle. Everyone enjoyed a buffet and two games of bowling it was also  a chance for the youngsters to catch up and chat to each other. Thank you to the staff at Hollywood Bowl and especially Jenny who organised the event and made sure we were all looked after.

Over the Christmas period we had a chance to collect at Liverpool’s Central Station, a big thank you to everyone who gave up their time and braved the freezing cold. We collected a total of £585. Thanks for your help it was really appreciated.
Margaret Hogan Polar Express Merseyrail Christmas 2009