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DSL Domingo's Football Shirt

DS Domingo’s are a newly-formed football club playing in the Merseyside charity circuit against well-established sides. The idea to start the club came after a group of friends from the Liverpool ECHO played an informal friendly against Bramley Moore in Spring 2008.

Realising the opportunity to raise funds for charity by joining the friendly league, Down Syndrome Liverpool organiser Thomas Regan and his friend, Echo journalist Greg O’Keeffe, decided to launch the club. They were quickly joined by several of their friends across Merseyside, with ages ranging from 21 to 45, and had a healthy squad of players.

Instead of usual subs, each player contributes after every game and the collected money is donated to DS Liverpool. Meanwhile, squad members have already taken it on themselves to help raise funds by securing sponsorship, with midfielder Adam Smolarz-Lambert helping to get a generous donation from the Beetham organisation, and training equipment from Nationwide.

With the financial support and formal sponsorship of DS Liverpool, who paid for the side’s distinctive purple strip, DS Domingo’s went about organising more than twenty fixtures for the 2008/09 season.

The name was chosen to incorporate the Down Syndrome Liverpool title and Saint Domingo’s F.C. – famously the club from which Everton F.C. was formed.

Thomas Regan said: “Not only does it provide us with a regular donation it spreads the word of Down Syndrome throughout the city. This can only raise our charity’s profile and subsequently benefit our members. “Our players work in a various different careers and can all contribute to the charity, not only on the field but with sponsorship and publicity.”

The team lost the majority of their early fixtures, although none heavily, and recorded their first win against Cheshire Rovers earlier this month.

If you are interested in playing DS Domingo’s please contact Greg on 07970187649 or Thomas on 07752491627.