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Down Syndrome Liverpool (DSL) is a registered charity based in the City of Liverpool, (Reg.Charity no.1097276)  run by parent and carer Trustees of people with Down’s syndrome and has been in existence in it’s present form since 2003.

DSL aims to support parents, carers and families who are affected by Down’s syndrome and seeks to enhance the lives of people with the condition who live in the City of Liverpool and surrounding area.

DSL is managed by a committee who meet regularly.


    • Provide advice and support to new parents via our New Parent Contact and through our New Parent Packs.

Organise a regular monthly parent/carer and toddler group.

Support the training and development of professionals who work with people who have Down’s syndrome, e.g. classroom support workers, educational psychologists, speech therapists, SEN co-ordinators.

Provide up to date information on the best approaches to teaching children with Down’s syndrome.

Produce and disseminate a regular newsletter ‘Downtime’, providing news and information celebrating the achievements of people with Down’s syndrome in Liverpool to our members and supporters.

Organise social events that bring our membership together.

Engage in fundraising activities.

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