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Down Syndrome Liverpool are very pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of three local causes that will benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund.
We would love all our members to help us make the most of this fabulous opportunity and raise as much money as possible for Down Syndrome Liverpool.
We are currently looking into all the ways that members can help but initially we would like to let you know that you can pick up a leaflet at your local co-op or go online and for just £1 you can become a member.
As a member, every time you shop at Co-op, 1% of what you spend on own brand products and services goes to the Co-op Local Community Fund. This doesn’t seem much but the last three causes were all able to raise around £6000 over a six month period. This money, along with money raised from carrier bag sales, is used to support local projects that benefit the community close to where you live.Once you’re a member you can go online and choose the local cause you want your own 1% to go to. Members who don’t select a cause have their 1% shared equally between all three causes. In addition to this you earn 5% for yourself as money back rewards  when you buy  Co-op  own brand food from everyday essentials all the way up to the Irresistible range.
 To register as a member or to find out more go to: