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Margaret Hogan

I moved to Liverpool in 1987, having lived in various cities but my home town is Edinburgh. Liverpool was a bit strange at first as on my first visit there was a huge dais erected in Church Street with all these red flags flying about, I thought I was in Stalinist Russia, but later found out it was only the militant labour council! Liverpool eventually became home and we settled into family life here.

We already had two boys Kieron and Niall who were fast picking up scouse accents, then in August 1992 we had our daughter Shauna. We did not know that Shauna had Down’s syndrome until after her birth. It took us about nine months before we joined the Down’s organisation, but have been members ever since.

Seeing it go from being a branch of the national Down’s Syndrome Association to becoming the charity Down Syndrome Liverpool. I work full time as an auditor and practice manager for a firm of chartered accountants and somehow I am deemed to be responsible enough to be the DSL treasurer. I knew little about Down’s syndrome when we had Shauna,
but have learnt a lot over the years. The main thing I would say is never underestimate your child, give them as much opportunity as you can. Shauna changed our lives in
many ways and we have never been so busy; dancing, swimming, theatre and so life goes on I am very proud of my daughter and happy to be part of Down Syndrome Liverpool promoting awareness and being a voice in the community.